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Editorial: Support and pray for our students

The time has arrived — it’s back to school, whatever that means in 2020.

The end of the last school year was unlike any our students — or their parents and grandparents for that matter — ever experienced before, as the global pandemic sent everyone home to finish school there, often alongside parents who were unexpectedly working from home too.

Now, as fall brings a new school year, that situation is not really resolved. Across the country, many schools themselves, including Catholic schools, are struggling financially in an economic downturn and logistically amid all the uncertainty. Those in homeschooling report an increase in interest from other parents who are considering giving that a try, given that no one is entirely sure how much time students will actually be able to spend in a school building with their friends and classmates this year.

Extracurricular activities are not much refuge either — for instance, whole sports have been canceled for the year.

That’s to say nothing of those who depend on things like school lunches to be sure they’re well nourished.

The pandemic is hard on everyone, of course, but perhaps it’s especially hard on young people. The call, then, is simple: They need our support, through our prayers, our encouragement, sometimes our tutoring, our listening ears, and whatever financial support we’re able to give. Please consider supporting your local diocesan school in any way you can.