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Editorial: UCA time rolls around for support of the diocese

The faithful of the Diocese of Duluth will soon be receiving materials for the United Catholic Appeal, the annual appeal that is the main support for the ministries of the bishop’s office.

This year, the focus of those materials is on the Pastoral Center staff. As Bishop Paul Sirba writes in a letter for this year’s brochure, “These are the people behind the scenes who support the work of our parishes and assist me in the operation of the diocese. They are incredibly gifted, faith-filled people, some full-time, some part-time, who foster the work of the Lord. I am delighted to show you their smiling faces.”

He goes on to say that the prayers and support of the appeal make it possible for the ministries of the diocese “to carry on the mission of Jesus Christ to reach the peripheries of our society, as Pope Francis has said.”

The materials then highlight the many ways the ministries of the diocese support parishes and the faithful, from putting on men’s and women’s conferences to forming new priests and deacons to ministering to the Native American community to educating young people in diocesan schools to providing faith-filled youth camps to providing emergency assistance to those in need to this newspaper — and so much more.

Please take some time to look at this material and prayerfully respond.

And as always, thank you most sincerely for the support you have provided for all the ministries of the diocese through the years.