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FertilityCare introductory sessions

Northland Family Programs, a FertilityCare Center, holds free Creighton Model FertilityCare System introductory sessions. CrMS is based on the knowledge and understanding of the naturally-occurring phases of a woman’s fertility and infertility. A woman can know her cycles and use this information for the maintenance of her health. Further, couples can use this knowledge to plan their family and build their future together. To get started, call (218) 786-2378 or visit

Thomas More Society sues to protect state’s pro-life laws

the Minnesota Court of Appeals was to hear the Thomas More Society’s appeal July 14 in a motion to intervene in a lawsuit brought by an anonymous abortionist against the state. The woman, whose identity is hidden under the moniker of “Dr. Jane Doe,” has teamed up with a transgender health care advocacy group to try and overturn Minnesota’s 24-hour waiting period for abortions, informed consent laws, parental notification standards, and a provision mandating that fetal remains be buried or cremated. The challenge also seeks to strike the requirement that all abortions be performed by a physician. Thomas More Society claims that the case could be easily dismissed if the Attorney General raised the affirmative defense that, absent legislative authorization, one can’t sue the government in Minnesota courts for violating the Minnesota Constitution; instead, one has to be ticketed or charged with a crime before raising constitutional issues. “Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is volunteering the state to participate in what Pro-Life Action Ministries and the Association for Government Accountability have labeled ‘meritless litigation,’” stated Thomas More Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal. “Two abortion workers who have concealed their identity and a church group that advocates abortion have joined forces with transgender proponents and the Attorney General in this attempt to strip away Minnesota’s legislative protective oversight by court-ordered regulation of abortion. This is something that the Minnesota constitution prohibits them from doing.”