CREED Fund Governance

About the Fund

CREED was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1996.  It is governed by a board of directors, with the Bishop of the Diocese of Duluth serving as its President.  The financial statements of the Fund are audited each year by an independent auditor.  A committee meets twice each year to evaluate grant applications and make recommendations to the corporate board.

CREED Fund Corporate Board

  • Bishop Daniel J. Felton, President
  • Fr. James Bissonette, Vice President
  • Mr. Franz Hoefferle, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Mrs. Hilaire Hauer, Member

CREED Fund Committee

  • Deacon Daniel Schultz, Chair (Diocesan Representative)
  • Mrs. Angie Gadacz (Brainerd Deanery)
  • Mr. Andy French (Cloquet Deanery)
  • Mrs. Kari Landgren (Duluth Deanery)
  • Temporarily vacant - (Hibbing Deanery)
  • Mrs. Judy Strumbell (Virginia Deanery)
  • Fr. Bill Skarich (Clergy Representative)

Non-voting members:

  • Deacon Daniel Schultz, Chair (Diocesan Representative)
  • Mr. Wade Mathers, Diocesan Director of Catholic Schools (Consultant)
  • Mrs. Grace Woitalla, Diocesan Director of Catechesis (Consultant)
  • Mrs. Margaret Slawin, Diocesan Director of Mission Advancement (Consultant)
  • Mrs. Annette Merritt (Committee Administrative Assistant)


2830 E Fourth St.
Duluth, MN  55812
Ph: 218-724-9111
Fx: 218-724-1056
[email protected]