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Turkey: 9 dead and many injured in quake

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey resulting in multiple deaths and damage to property.

Pope appeals for defence of human person, ecological conversion

Pope Francis on Monday met representatives of the Pro Petri Sedem (For the See of Peter) Association, that contributes to the initiatives of the Pope and the Holy See.

Pope for Lent: With God there is always a dialogue of the heart

The Vatican releases Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 2020, in which the Holy Father invites the faithful to embrace the paschal mystery as the basis for conversion.

Ethiopia’s Cardinal urges repentance during Lent

Ethiopia’s Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel C.M., is marking the start of Lent by calling on Ethiopians to pray for conversion of heart.

Pope Francis: Pray for the Church, especially in bad times

The apostolate of prayer accompanies the Church and its Pastors. The Pope underlines this in his greeting to the faithful gathered outside the Basilica of Saints Nicholas in the Italian city of Bari. Before his greeting Pope Francis gathered in prayer in the crypt where the relics of the Saint are kept.

Pope Francis appeals for an end to suffering in Syria

Pope Francis during the Angelus in the southern Italian city of Bari urges the actors involved in the Syrian conflict and the international community “to silence the noise of weapons and to listen to the cries of the weak and defenseless.”

Pope at Mass in Bari: “Today let us choose love"

Pope Francis celebrates Mass in Bari, reflecting on the Gospel for the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time in his homily, encouraging that we pray for the grace to love.

Pope's homily during Mass in Bari: Full text

Pope Francis on Sunday celebrates Mass during a pastoral visit to the southern Italian city of Bari, telling the faithful gathered that "the worship of God is contrary to the culture of hatred. "

Pope Francis: Let there be peace and brotherhood in the Mediterranean

Pope Francis addressed the Bishops from the Churches of the Mediterranean assembled in Bari, Italy, encouraging them in their task of reflecting “on the vocation and future of the Mediterranean”.

Pope Francis addresses Mediterranean Bishops in Bari: Full Text

Pope Francis on Sunday traveled to the southern Italian city of Bari on the final day of a meeting entitled "Mediterranean frontier of peace". During his address to Bishops from 19 Mediterranean countries, the Pope described war as a "madness to which one can never resign oneself." Don't raise walls, he said, and don't accept that one can die at sea without help.