Northern Cross advertising

The Northern Cross

Please consider advertising in The Northern Cross. In addition to helping advertisers and our readers, advertising helps to support the mission of the newspaper financially. Groups seeking participation in an event, benefit, or fundraiser may be asked to purchase a paid advertisement. Advertisements are subject to approval by the publisher.

Advertising rates for 2023:

Full page (10.143”w x 13.375”h) $1,100
Half page (v) (5.003”w x 13.375”h) $725
Half page (h) (10.143”w x 6.563”h) $725
Quarter page (5.003”w x 6.523”h) $450
Eighth page (5.003”w x 3.188”h) $275

For color on any size advertisement: add $100.

Advertising inquiries can be sent to [email protected].