Presbyteral Council



The Presbyteral Council is established to promote the Pastoral welfare of the people of the Church of Duluth.  To this end, the elected and appointed representatives of the priests ministering in the Diocese meet with the Bishop to aid him in the governance, teaching and sanctification of the local Church.

The operation of the Council is defined by a constitution (here).  In addition, election of at-large members are governed by by-laws (here).


  • Most Rev. Daniel J. Felton
  • Rev. James B Bissonette
  • Rev. Michael Garry (Vice Chair)
  • Rev. Elias Gieske
  • Rev. Seth Gogolin (Chair)
  • Rev. Richard Kunst
  • Rev. Steven Langenbrunner
  • Rev. Brandon Moravitz
  • Rev. Nicholas Nelson
  • Rev. Blake Rozier
  • Rev. Michael Schmitz 
  • Rev. Joseph Sirba
  • Rev. Daniel Weiske
  • Rev. Anthony Wroblewski