Women of Faith Conference

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) this event has been canceled. Thank you for understanding.

Join women from northern Minnesota and Wisconsin for a day of faith, fun, and fellowship!

 March 28, 2020 at Marshall School, Duluth

Deby Sansone Schlapprizzi

Deby Sansone Schlapprizzi is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, television contributor, radio host and life activist. Deby has been blessed with many prestigious awards and has received recognition from renowned publications including, The Wall Street Journal who recognized Deby for her policy changing work. She has been described as a woman, “who acts on principle.” 

Deby will help you unveil your God-given splendor and lead you on a journey of transformation. Drawing from her profound faith and deep spirituality, as well as many years ministering to women, Deby gently urges you to shift your persective and draw closer to Our Lord in order to recognize and embrace your magnificence -- so that, at last, you can delight in the freedom and fullness of who you were created to be from the very beginning.


Nic Davidson hails from the Diocese of Duluth is an energetic and funny speaker who is on fire for his faith. A convert from Assemblies of God, Nic brings delightful humor coupled with his deep knowledge of the faith to all of his speaking engagements. Having personally had his life and marriage transformed by Theology of the Body, he spends his days trying to offer the same transformation to those around him.  Nic lives in International Falls, Minnesota with his wife and five children.